Our Previous Guests



Prestigious guests have contributed to the scientific standard of this conference:
Joël de Rosnay
Bruno Latour
Alain d’Iribarne
Guy Le Boterf
Albert Jacquard
Vincent de Gaulejac
Dany Gerbinet
Richard Owen
Michel Adam
Jean Louis Le Moigne
Jean-François Zobrist
Charles Van der Haegen
Other renowned guests have recently joined us :
Jean Louis Ermine
Jean Claude Moisdon
Jean-Michel Goyard
Nicholas COUTTS
Marie-Josée Avenier
Christophe Schmitt

Université de Lorraine

Joell de Rosnay expressed the wish that “Projectics of the future must leave the field of business strategy or research laboratories to apply to society as a whole, to inspire political leaders to industrial help them manage change and create the future. ”

From the very beginning, the Projectics Conference, referred coupling the world in scientific research with the management company.