Our Previous Guests



Prestigious guests have contributed to the scientific standard of this conference:
Joël de Rosnay
Bruno Latour
Alain d’Iribarne
Guy Le Boterf
Albert Jacquard
Vincent de Gaulejac
Dany Gerbinet
Richard Owen
Michel Adam
Jean Louis Le Moigne
Jean-François Zobrist
Charles Van der Haegen
Other renowned guests have recently joined us :
Nicholas COUTTS

Royal College of Art, ETICoop

Jean Louis Ermine
Jean Claude Moisdon
Jean-Michel Goyard
Marie-Josée Avenier
Isaac GETZ

Joell de Rosnay expressed the wish that “Projectics of the future must leave the field of business strategy or research laboratories to apply to society as a whole, to inspire political leaders to industrial help them manage change and create the future. ”

From the very beginning, the Projectics Conference, referred coupling the world in scientific research with the management company.